Protect your data wherever it goes

A SaaS platform that builds security into sensitive content to enable granular control in AI, public cloud and SaaS

Used by the world's leading enterprises

Built for the modern workplace

Beyond enterprise boundaries

Klarytee's encryption and access control follows the data wherever it goes, ensuring consistent security and compliance on supply chain, customer and enterprise IT infrastructure.

Safe AI, public cloud and SaaS

Our data centric security architecture enables safe and secure use of SaaS applications, public cloud and generative AI while ensuring consistent security and access control on the data. 

Minimise the attack surface

Our zero-knowledge architecture ensures that we never have access to your data and it's only ever decrypted for authenticated and authorised users on a need-to-know basis.

A complete data centric security platform

Prevent data loss

Revoke access at any time even if you no longer have access to the document.


Achieve non-repudiation on blocks of content by cryptographically binding blocks of content to its owner.


Ensure that only the intended user can access data because only they have the key - We don’t store any content to minimise the risk of data loss.

Real-time audit

Track and manage document interactions and build up an audit trail of exactly who has accessed what part of a document.

Integrated workflows

Secure data instantly at its source, the moment it’s created, independently of the environment and format (whether it’s stored in the cloud, device or printed out).

Granular access control

Encrypt all or parts of a document and enforce layered access controls to enable different users to access different parts of a document.

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